1851 Description of Percy Mills

An Early Description of Percy Mills (Warkworth)
And The Old Mill Stream That Ran Through It

The Village called Percy Mills is situated on Lot No 16 & 17 in the 3rd concession of Percy and has four well stocked stores, one Tannery, four Blacksmith shops, two Waggon Makers, four Shoemaker Shops, two Taverns, one Town Hall - brick, 28 feet by 45 and cost 275 pounds, has one Grist Mill, two Saw Mills, one carding machine, one Roman Catholic Chapel, one Chapel for other denominations of Christians.

A large and never failing stream of water runs through the Village an easterly course and empties into the River Trente six miles distant. The stream during the Spring and Fall seasons is navigable for boats of considerable burden. There are annually immense quantities of square lumber and staves floated down its current into the River Trente and taken from thence to foreign markets.

Benjamin Franklin Ewing

Source: Excerpt from the 1851 Census of Northumberland County

Transcribed by John Charlton